You've just stumbled upon one of the Internet's best kept secrets...

The website you’re about to use will sneak you into a "virtual backdoor" of government records, databases and archives that are only available to a select few -- such as law enforcement agencies, government officials, and professional detectives who know exactly where to locate this sensitive kind of information.

But finally, you too can...

"Discover The TRUTH About Anyone - Instantly!"

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"When I first upgraded to the premium version of Search and Spy, I emailed customer support since I was wondering how to use the databases to try to find missing people. There really are a lot of categories and search tools!

"Amazingly, I got a reply right away. Using their advice and tutorials for investigation, I was able to use Search and Spy to locate my brother, whom I haven't seen or heard from in years!"

"Thank you so much!"

Jeff Hall
Phoenix, AZ

This Is How It Works...

Using Search and Spy is just like sneaking late at night into a police station, hacking into the Chief's computer and satisfying every last ounce of curiosity or suspicion you've ever had about your co-workers, your neighbor, a nanny, your child's teacher, your employees – and even your own spouse...

To put it another way, this simple, yet incredibly powerful website literally gives you the same access to background databases, government records, criminal records and FBI records that are used by professional investigators (private eyes) all over the United States to locate people, run background checks on them and discover the truth about virtually anyone.

You’ll be able to do all of that and a lot more, actually.

Below is a list of the kinds of things you'll be able to do -- instantly -- after using Search and Spy:

  Comprehensive Background Checks On ANYONE
  Search Hundreds of Thousands of Court Records to Investigate Previous Divorce Cases, Settlements, Criminal Charges and More!
  Conduct Detailed REVERSE RECORD LOOKUPS Just By Using Someone's Phone Number, Address, Email Address, License Plate -- Or Even Their Cell Phone Number!
  Locate Friends, Family Members and Anyone Else You Want to Find in SECONDS...
  Pull Up Property Records (and Liens), Vehicle Lien Records, DMV Records and More!
  Access the FBI's Database of Felony And "Wanted" Records -- See If They Have Something On YOU! 
  Pull Up Your Own Credit Report - and Learn How to Discover the Truth About Someone's Financial Track Record 
  Protect Your Own Identity -- Monitor Your Own Records To Make Sure They're Not Being Tampered With! 
  With Access to Literally Millions Of LIVE Records From The US Government -- Now You Can Investigate Anything, About Anyone! 

And even though this information is nearly impossible to find without special permits, it’s all completely legal for you to access here!

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"I found the upgraded version very easy to use. The information you’re able to extract from these sources is very useful and actually has value to me for the business I own. Searching through the resources for personal use is also very informative and exciting."

"An absolutely wonderful product."

May Vatchara

"Search and Spy has allowed myself become a virtual secret agent and dig up figures, facts and even dirt on pretty much everyone. I've been able to discover information about myself and my family that I didn't even know people would ever be able to access."

"It's a tool that even the CIA would find useful..."

Mike Lanyon

Finally, You Can Discover The Truth

As you already know, in almost every situation, someone’s history will determine that person’s future.

Their previous behavior and background is a picture of who they REALLY are.

And you deserve to find out the truth about the people that surround you in life...

• Maybe you’re suspicious about your secretive neighbor, your child's soccer coach, a nanny -- or even your own spouse or partner!

• Maybe you've had previous business deals that turned sour or were burned by a business partner -- or hired employees that turned out to be total nightmares!

Upgrade Search and Spy now to find out the truth >>

• Maybe you want to discover the truth about a vehicle or property -- including lien checks, history of any previous owners and critical details that someone might be hiding from you!

Maybe you need to find someone, such as an old classmate, friend, or someone else that may owe you some money. Search through the millions of records to locate them in the vast array of online public records...

Upgrade Search and Spy now to find out the truth >>

• Maybe you're worried about renting out your property and need to run a background check and dig up the credit rating reports on some potential tenants...

• Maybe you know somebody that you need to investigate -- but you don't know their name or the full details about them. All you have is an email address, a phone number or something insignificant like that..

Upgrade Search and Spy to conduct reverse records searches on phone numbers, addresses, emails and more >>

• Or, maybe you're just curious like everyone else!

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"I really don’t habitually spy on other people, but in this day and age it’s great to have the ability to learn about people who might cross paths with those of your business and family."

"Search and Spy makes this type of background check into a quick and easy process. I like how easy and intuitive it is to use, and it really does provide the exact information you need to be a fully informed parent and business owner."

Best Wishes,

Chris Page
Empire Shaving

Version Notice: The free version of Search and Spy available on this website includes basic people search, preliminary reverse records results and limited tutorials for conducting background check. The full version can be instantly and easily activated from your preliminary search results.

Data/Source Disclaimer: The information, records and resources that are compiled by Search and Spy are either in the public domain and provided by the government with no copyright restrictions, or are made available by external sources based on public data. For every case, it is legal for a citizen of the United States to access all such records using a tool such as Search and Spy. Search and Spy itself does not create, store or extract any kind of private data that is not legally accessible.

However, it should be noted that the external sources accessible from within this site are not public knowledge, and most Internet users are mostly unable to access these kinds of records by conducting regular searches with major search engine such as Google and Yahoo.

Legal Disclaimer: By using this website, you agree that you will only access records and use any information obtained from them in a lawful manner. It is unlawful to use any information acquired from this website to disturb, stalk or blackmail an individual. Investigations on politicians, government officials, individuals under the legal adult age where they reside (juveniles), and/or celebrities are strictly prohibited. Users who conduct searches under a false pretense or use information obtained from this website and its resources in an unlawful manner may be subject to civil penalties and criminal charges.

All investigations are subject to our terms of use and applicable local laws. All information accessible from our website is compiled from public records and sources that may be inaccurate, incomplete and/or outdated (not current). By using Search and Spy, you agree to these restrictions and our complete terms of use, which can be read by clicking here, or upon initial activation of the full version of these tools.

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